1297 Corals

Rescued and transplanted with CTC & Coral Guardian.

550 Corals

Fragmented & in a nursery

Eel Garden, Turk & Caicos
304 Corals

Rescued & Transplanted

Punta de La Mona

A Web3 Regenerative Finance Hub

Empowering the world to invest in our planet.

50% Revenue

into Tribe Fund to match investments

3K Corals

planted across the world

11,000 SOL

in current holdings

SGD 14: Life below water
SGD 12: Responsible production & consumption

Impact Investing

Earn profits & do good.

We curate opportunities to finance climate projects & earn a return. Our focus is on the creative & blue economies. Think art, architecture, the metaverse and more.

Projects we collaborate with will mostly support UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 & 14.

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Capital flow

Invest in ReeFi Hub projects to receive tokenized shares which earn quarterly yields in USD stable coins.

Change your mind? You can always sell your shares via our token marketplace.

Decentralized impact is the future.

We’re connecting three markets with huge potential.

Market Cap
Annual growth
Impact Investing
Market Cap
Annual growth
Web3 & Blockchain
Market Cap
Annual growth

tribe fund

Transparent, secure & sustainable.

Tribe Fund is our community treasury, used to match ReeFi Hub investments which receive sufficient crowdfunding.

Coral Tribe NFT holders can claim a share of returns or rewards from Tribe Fund investments.


20% Investment matching

65% Invested at 5-15% APY

15% High yield opportunities


50% Impact Fund

30% Team & Operational Cost

20% Activations


How the fund works

We curate investment proposals for our community to vote on.

All proposals are sourced & vetted by our Tribe Council & advisory network, Pulso.

Our holders vote on proposals to release funding: x1 Coral NFT = x1 vote.

Once proposals receive funding, holders can use $AQUA to purchase a share of the rewards pool for that investment.

Rewards & returns from investments distributed on a quarterly basis, with regular updates throughout.

The Council curates, the Tribe decides.

Vote to fund Impact Investments proposed by the Council.


Revive the wild through our investments in the natural world.


Earn rewards tied to Impact investments.


Strategic partners

Pulso manage +20M dollars of Impact Capital for the likes of JP Morgan, Amazon and Epic Games.

This includes +100 investments in artistic projects.

We’ve partnered with them to develop core strategy & curate investment opportunities.

TRIBe council

The experts curating Impact Investments for the Tribe.

Casson Trenor
Impact Lead
Ben Von Wong
Activist Artist
Dr Tracy Fanara
Environmental Engineer
Kemit-Amon Lewis
Marine Scientist
Noah Prince
Solana Developer
Tokenomics Expert

/investment Examples

Just some of the opportunities…

Digital Art

Support artists across disciplines contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. We’re exploring collaborations to translate the currents of the oceans into visual art & immersive VR experiences.


Raise funds and awareness to protect the beauty of nature. Expect exclusive auctions, revenue sharing & other perks.

Sustainable Business Ventures

Protect endangered coastal land while driving value through permaculture farms, eco-home infrastructure and renewable energy systems.


Save endangered coastal areas and support local communities while promoting sustainable practices. Expect royalties from revenues, free access to eco-homes & other benefits.

Marine Conservation

We’ll invest in marine reserves to help them adopt the latest and most effective conservation practices. This includes expanding their research, infrastructure, and funding networks to increase the viability of their operations.


Make coral restoration more economically viable. Expect free memberships to go diving in specific marine protected areas and coral gardens across the globe.

Reefi Beta

Something special is coming.

Impact only goes as far as the story we tell. Get ready for a new wave of data visualization. Whether you’re an institution or individual, investor or borrower: we’re fuelling a regenerative revolution to revive your wild. Sign up to our Beta for early access to the ReeFi Hub.

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