A collection of 6565 NFTs reviving the wild

Welcome to the Tribe

An NFT community of change-makers.

Leveraging art & technology
to drive marine & wildlife conservation.

change makers
A creative hub,
in business to save the natural world.
Hand illustrated elements envisioning coral-inspired collectables serving as membership key
Of all revenue seeded in the Impact Fund led by the community
Corals planted across 3 continents as our first pledge

Impact Fund

The Impact Fund (IF) is a community led treasury investing in our planet - seeded with 50% of all primary & secondary sales.
Tribe council Curation

A panel of renowned scientists, artists and web3 experts sponsor and advise on Impact Fund proposals.

Tribe Dao Voting

Once approved by the Tribe Council, Coral Tribe holders discuss & vote on the allocation of funds through a governance based structure.

impact fund investment

Investments are made & later monitored through media & reports, with ROI relayed back into the IF. Rewards may take form of financial returns, services or memberships available to holders through native token $AQUA.

A vehicle for change,
driven by you.

The Journey ahead

Owning a Crypto Coral represents the Solarpunk movement. It also gives you further utility - voting power, educational & social experiences, holder rewards & more.

Impact Fund Tribe Council

Tribe Council is formed - a panel comprised of world leading scientists, activist artists and web3 experts. Proposals approved by the council are presented to the DAO for a formal voting.
1 Crypto Coral NFT = 1 Vote

Tribe Market

Savvy merchants open the Tribe Market - a place to gather and use $AQUA to acquire NFTs, WL, Merch, artefacts and more...

3K Corals Across 3 Continents

Seeding life across the world's oceans is what inspired us to create Coral Tribe. This will be the first pledge realised by the Impact Fund and executed by our network of Marine NGOs

Impact Fund Dashboard

Inter-community dashboard allowing holders to propose, vote and monitor Impact Fund investments developed.

Community Airdrop

SeaMT, an ancient substance causing stimulating effects on corals, drifts into the Reef.

New Landscapes

The Tribe settles across new territories, translating into rich settings and visual backgrounds which reflect their new surroundings.

Five Demigod 1:1's

Five hand-illustrated archetypes are summoned. Each gifting members with unique powers to compound and evolve...

Sustainable Merch Drop

Designed by our co-founder and former lead artist of Calvin Klein. Secret code embedded in selected number of items.

IRL Meet-ups

IRL events organized to visit the very corals we have helped plant (think Bahamas, Indonesia, Spain). Live music, scuba diving trips, surfing competitions & more. Holders decide location & itinerary.

Impact Fund Invesments

First round of investments proposed by the Tribe Council and voted by the community is executed. Holders access rewards through $AQUA.


Crypto Corals are SPL Tokens on the Solana Blockchain. Solana is one of the most energy efficient blockchains, consuming 2707 Joules per transaction - less than three Google searches. Each NFT is a rare & unique piece of digital art, algorithmically generated from over +180 hand illustrated elements.



We are a mindful team of environmentalists, art-lovers, and tech-enthusiasts looking to foster the wellbeing of our planet and selves.


Christian Chegne
Creative Director

Here to be the change. Design lead for Calvin Klein, Asia. Previously, working with motion capture & immersive media environments. Passion for mediation, movement & traversing the urban jungle.

Points of Contact


Jimmy Lane
‍Project Manager

Wild child raised by the sea. Former tech consultant for AgDevCo NGO. Previously worked with start-ups as project manager. Avid diver, surfer & tree climber.

Points of Contact


João Queiroz
Lead Artist

Brazilian artist specialising in futuristic indigenous art. Creator of Solarpunk illustrations in a tribal setting. Bringing the CCT to life.

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Adolfo Casabal
Strategic Partnerships

A treasure seeker that dives deep. Former president of Leeds Entrepreneur Group. All about music & creativity, flowing with the rhythm of innovation. Here to create a community of impact.

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Sean Honeyman
Content Creator

Crafting content for change. Law grad who wandered across Asia teaching English before discovering jpegs. Educator by heart, writer by mind.

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Blockchain Dev

Dev agency developing business models built on decentralized blockchain networks. Specialized in blockchain API gateways, P2E NFT collections and web3 integrations.

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Ave on SOL

Avery Schwarz
Strategic Advisor

Part time scientist, part time degen, and full time environmental activist! Formal training in Coral Reef Conservation and previous work experience with various conservation NGOs

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Laia Fernandez
Marketing Strategy

Promoting change in everything she does. After working with MNEs, moved to tropical islands to pursue her passion for sustainability in business. Loves water sports and the beach.

Points of Contact


Hera Samra
Graphic Designer

A believer in artistic innovation for transformational change. Graphic design grad with a love for nature, adventure, and the pairing between beauty and meaning.

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Sara Todic
PR Lead

Nature child in the big city. Former marketing lead for start ups from Silicon Valley to Europe. On the road to help sustainable projects reach their goals.

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Alex Cheng
Sustainability Advisor

Permaculturist, content-creator & sustainable advocate. Making eco homes from shipping containers, producing videos on YT with +7M total views. Believes in the power of re-wilding, minimal living & community.

Points of Contact


Casson Trenor
Impact Lead

Ocean conservationist, blockchain devotee, and architect of bridges between those two worlds. Loves activist art, passionate people, and handpan music.

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We’ve partnered up with coral gardeners around the world to help carry out our pledge towards marine conservation.


Collaboration lays the foundation of what we are building.
We are partnering with unique brands which are leading the fight towards marine conservation around the world.

More TBA soon


What is the Coral Tribe?

The Crypto Coral Tribe is a collection of unique NFTs that represent a force for change. Owning a Crypto Coral NFT will give you the power to direct real world change through the Impact Fund and other project activations.

What is the total supply of Crypto Corals?

There is a total supply of 6565 Crypto Coral NFTs. Out of which, 200 Crypto Corals are pre-minted and kept by us for airdrops and giveaways. The remaining 6365 Crypto Corals are available in the public sale.

When is the drop and what is the minting price?

The pre-sale starts on 24th April 2022 at 16:00 CET & public sale will begin 3hrs later. Each Crypto Coral will cost between 1.5 & 2 SOL (subject to change depending on SOL price fluctuation).

Where will I be able to mint & trade my Crypto Coral?

Minting will take place on the official Coral Tribe website, with the link being activated on the day of launch. Holders will be able to purchase and sale on the Magic Eden secondary market

How are funds donated to partners?

All funds will be sent to coral partners through the blockchain. This will enable the community to view all transaction records and verify how the Impact Fund is being deployed.